More than 300 flat knitting machine and related production lines of clothing

108, Taiwan and Germany have Stoll16, 14,12,6.2,7.0,3.2,18 computer flat knitting machine needle

8000 has a production line of worsted yarns

The 2003 annual "ruiqun" cashmere and wool sweater Ronglie of similar products in the market share of the top ten comprehensive

2009 year ruiqun cashmere sweater, wool sweater, worsted yarn products, won the Jiangsu Wanlixing Award

2011 was identified as the famous brand in Jiangsu Province

Swiss group cashmere sweater, sweater was assessed as the Consumer Association of Jiangsu province 2010-2011 annual recommended products "

2013 international standard product sign certificate

VI unified brand support (posters, light boxes, outdoor advertising, product catalogs, shop in the Office of the image, etc.)

From all regions of specialized regional sales managers, delivery services

Provide brand planning, promotion, market access and other aspects of professional guidance

Jiangsu Ruiqun Knitting Clothing Co., Ltd. was founded in 1996 and has become eminent in domestic woolen sweater industry after years of struggle.Its scale of production is one of the few most celebrated companies. In 2000, the company cost RMB 18 million to import Italian Savio yarn finishing machine and set up a modernized yarn plant, so the company hasformed a coordinated process of production and service from quality yarn to high-grade sweater. In 2003, the company continued to add to technical input that it imported 26 German Stoll CMS machines.
The company occupies a floor area of 20000 m2 and the shop area of 15000 m2, and employs 600 staff. The company processes over 400 flat knitting machines, 35 German Stoll CMS machines, 3 wool-spinning production lines and 7000 spindles. It can produce over 800 tons of worsted yarn and 500 thousand high-grade woolen sweaters annually.
The company always follows the production and design concept of variety, quality and grade. With quality material, good feeling, exquisite workmanship, comfortable dressing and top-ranking service, "Ruiqun" mercerized shrinkproof woolen sweater and merino...

ADD:Ouqiao Industrial Park, Tangqiao Town, Zhangjiagang, China




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